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Financial Adviser Stockport – RAE Financial Advisory Services Ltd

Independent Financial Advice in Stockport & Surrounding Areas…

As an Independent financial adviser in Stockport, we combine our expertise, personalised approach, and comprehensive services to create a roadmap for your financial success.

Wealth Management / Savings & Investments

The expert professional guidance I provide helps you through the investment process. This means we can make sure that our solutions are right for you and that you have all the information you need to make a clear decision. For a free, no obligation initial discussion, talk to our expert about the best way forward for you.

Pension Specialists

It’s never too late to review your pensions and be able to make better plans for your retirement. For a free, no-obligation initial discussion, talk to our expert about the best way forward for you.

Estate Planning

As you have worked hard to build your wealth, you need to start preserving it for the next generation and your loved ones. Please speak with the expert as we also have a connection with some legal solicitors.


The simple question that you need to ask yourself: How are you and your family going to cope financially in the event of your premature death or if you become seriously / critically ill?


For a free, no-obligation initial discussion, talk to the expert, impartial mortgage advisor about the best way forward for you.

Why Choose Us?

We promise that your interest comes first and not ours as we provide friendly, courteous & good value for money service, simple and clear language, transparency and honesty, holistic financial advice/planning and to help to save you tax and help you to preserve your wealth.

Level 6 Qualifications

-Taxation & Trust

-Pension transfer

-Financial Planning in retirement

-Wealth Management

Advice Process

-Free fact find initial consultation / meeting with no obligation.

-Second meeting will be a recommendation based on your needs and objectives.

Culture and Values

-Rest assured your interest comes first.

-Integrity and honesty.

-We will inform you about the costs before doing the work for you.

Costs & Charges

This depends on how complicated your case is. However, all of my charges and costs are within the Financial Conduct Authority FCA guidelines.

There are:-

1. An initial one off charge to cover the cost of advice, administration and implementation of my recommendation.

2. Ongoing services charges which cover the supervision your investment(s) on annual basis.

Financial Adviser Stockport – About Us…

I am a highly qualified independent financial adviser/planner with over 20 years of service within the financial services industry. I am regulated and authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority FCA which means you will receive credible advice and service.

I specialize in retirement planning, estate planning, and wealth management and providing you with the right life & critical illness cover during your family’s vulnerable term.

You will receive undivided attention throughout your advice journey from start to finish. We can use modern technology as well as meet with you in the comfort of your home with free of charge initial meeting and with no obligation.

Financial Adviser Stockport

What Our Clients Say:

I first met Ramzy when he was working for Britannia Building Society as one of their Financial Advisors in excess of 10 years ago. The investments he advised us to invest in at the start I still hold to this day!! I have always found Ramzy very easy to talk with on financial matters, he gives you a feeling that he really wants to understand his clients and is always keen to ensure he keeps you at ease and you never feel pressurised into making any investments that may give you second thoughts afterwards. I have not always felt like this when dealing with other Investment professionals who are often clearly working on a commission basis. Ramzy has always responded in a timely manner to any questions raised and has always managed to provide answers in a short timescale.


We have known Ramzy for over 2 years, dealing with your financial matters can be a daunting experience however, we found working with Ramzy and his friendliness he makes you at ease and this is why we chose him to take care of our finances. Ramzy has real enthusiasm in his approach he recognizes and puts your needs first unlike the bigger corporates who are just chasing numbers and pressurising you to make a decision. Ramzy takes the time and care to really know his clients which gives me every confidence that not just our financial goals are well understood but also our comfort level. Ramzy regularly provides updates and is always been available to answer any questions or to explain options within our portfolio. We have been more than pleased with Ramzy professionalism and individual service and quality of work.


It gives me great pleasure to be a referee for Mr Ramzy Abu-Eda, I have known Mr Abu-Eda for over 10 years. I have always found him to be a genuine, caring, trustworthy and a very honest person, who is excellent at his chosen profession. His communication skills are very good, he has a great personality and is very knowledgeable regarding financial matters. He has always given me excellent financial advice, when I have needed it. I am most certain that Mr Abu-Eda would be an asset to any organisation or company he may wish to join. I wish him all the very best with whatever venture he decides to move forward with and if I can be of any further assistance please don’t hesitate to contact me at the above address.


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